Stephen Joseph Photographic Gallery


     I have been photographing for over 50 years. My father had a dark room in the basement of our house on Richmond Ave in Oneonta, New York. I wandered in one day and never left.  By the time I was 16 I knew that I would be a photographer for the rest of my life.  It has been my main interest and passion since I was a teenager. I've experienced all forms of photography from the Daguerreotype and Ambrotype to a completely digital work flow.  I've used 100 year old cirkut and large format panoramic cameras and now digital cameras. In the early 60's I would spend hours looking and reading my fathers photo magazines, Popular Photography and Modern Photography.  All through the late 60's I roamed around Oneonta taking photos of the town and friends. By the early 70's I had my first landscape show and I've been capturing the landscape since then, specifically focusing on Mt. Diablo for the last 32 years.  Diablo has become my outdoor studio and I never get tired of photographing the mountain. Diablo is surrounded by the 8 million people living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It is an island of wilderness which is part of 100,000 acres of connected open space thanks to Save Mt Diablo and the East Bay Regional Park District.  My photographs have been used by land trusts around the Bay Area to help create thousands of acres of open space.  Within minutes from my home I have many hiking and photographing options, where I can work all day without seeing a single person. With the opening of my gallery at Summit Ranch in Alamo, I'll be displaying my Diablo images at the base of the mountain with Mt Diablo State Park a few feet from my gallery door. Come and view images from my ever growing Diablo collection and then go for a hike on the mountain, right from from the gallery. If you are interested in buying some of my work, this website will be the way to do it.  All work that is currently being shown at the gallery is on this site as well as many images from my archives.  Experience the mountain at my gallery and purchase securely on line at my website.

     Over the years, while photographing the mountain, I have been involved in other photographic projects as well. My first book, "Natures Beloved Son", published by Heyday Books, is a book about John Muir's life as a botanist. I photographed and restored many of the plants that Muir actually picked himself and with my writing partner, Bonnie Gisel, we recreated the landscape that Muir walked through in the mid to late 1800'S. This resulted in the book and a traveling show that has been around the country and several locations in Scotland.

     My Broadway project "Broadway Revealed, behind the Theater Curtain" was completed in 2014 with a show at Lincoln Center in New York and a book of the images.  I photographed many of the best designers on Broadway as well as the shops that create the costumes, wigs, shoes, sets and props. Every element that it takes to create a Broadway show, I photographed for this project in 360 degree images.  The project is ongoing so there might be more to come of this later.

     I was also documenting Oneonta, NY, my second home, in a series of 360 degree photos which resulted in a show and book called "Oneonta 360". This project captured all aspects of life in a small American town from the fire department to the one topless bar in town to the Watkins Family gravesight.

     An ongoing project has been photographing all of the best artists in the Bay Area. Roy DeForest, Robert Bechtal, Viola Frey, Fletcher Benton, Raymond Saunders among  others have been captured in 360 degree images in their studios.  I'm not sure where this project will end up.

     Various other projects including a wildflower project in Yosemite for the Sierra Club and I was the Centennial Photographer for Muir Woods Nation Monument, which ended up as a book called "Muir Woods Meditations" published by the Golden Gate National Park Conservancy.

     Before all of these projects I received my BFA and MFA in printmaking and photography from California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California in the 70's and 80's. I worked with many fine artist teachers at the school including Wilhem Kriz, Jack Ford, Charlie Gill and Ken Rignal.

     My main work now is centered around photographing the California landscape and making my gallery a success. I split my time between the Bay Area and New York and am always looking for new ideas to photograph. To see more of my other work, check out my other website  Photography has been the main emphasis of my life and will continue to be so until I'm too old to pick up a camera. Enjoy my work and if you haven't been to my gallery yet, what are you waiting for? For a list of my museum shows click here.