Stephen Joseph Photographic Gallery

My newest Mount Diablo book is at the printer and will arrive at my gallery November 1st 2019. Its a story of place and inspiration, with 204 new images, 5 authors and a great message. It measures 12x10 inches with many images 23 inches across. A deluxe edition will also be available which includes an original print in a linen wrapped clam shell box.

"I don't recall ever experiencing photographs that transported me into any landscape as powerfully as Stephen Joseph's gorgeous images take me to Mount Diablo's slopes, peaks, canyons, creeks, cataracts and trees.


In the book's opening essay, Seth Adams describes Stephen's work as "sublime." I couldn't agree more. When I first saw Mount Diablo through Stephen's lens, I  recalled reading, in a book by a God-seeker whose name I've forgotten, that it would be terrifying to actually find and see God, too much for a mere human to handle. Stephen's photographs capture natural beauty that is so stunning, so terrific, its impact is at once visual, emotional, spiritual and even physical. He reveals beauty that is almost terrifying in its divinity.


Oh the sublime wonder to be found in these pages. The text, too, is wonderful. Simultaneously presenting landscapes of immense grandeur and making them intimately real and immediate, dissolving all abstraction and distance. Articulating why it is that we should treasure and protect singularly special Mount Diablo, and all Earth's special, wild places."


Kathleen Maple

Sonoma, Ca.

July 2019