Stephen Joseph Photographic Gallery

Newest Images

#7182 Mt Diablo. This view is looking up Arroyo del cerro valley. You can see this view, after entering the park, on the North Gate entrance.

#7184 Rain over Diablo. This image was made on 3-17-18 from above my gallery. A spectacular day of rain and clouds all day long.I spent 7 hours on this hill, that day, photographing the light show.

#7185 Storm Approaching Mt Diablo. This is the view from above my gallery in Alamo. It is one of my favorite views of the mountain from the West side. This image was made on 3-17-18 an incredible cloud day due to rain and clouds.

#7186 Devils Pulpit, The view looking over Curry Canyon Ranch and Morgan Territory from the Mary Bowerman Trail that circles

around the mountain just below the summit. It offers the best views in all directions.

#7188 Storm Approaching Diablo. Diablo Foothills Regional Park is the left side of the image and China Wall is on the right. This was the incredible cloud day 3-17-18.

#7193 Mt Diablo. The view from above my gallery.

#7197 Buckeye Creek. After a good rain the lower Diablo creeks run red.

#7199 Rock City View. A cold windy day on a hike to Wall Point.

#7201 Wall Ridge. Late afternoon view of one of my favorite ridges on the mountain.

 #7206 Castle Rock from Falcon View. This is one of my favorite views of Castle Rock. It is not far from China Wall, just above my gallery.

#7204 Skunk Hollow. Nice cloud formation.

#7209 Castle Rock. Pine Canyon to the right of Castle Rock.

#7211 Rainbow over China Wall. My third rainbow capture over Diablo.

#7212 Mt Diablo from China Wall. This was an incredible cloud day over Diablo.

#7226 Rainbow over Mt Diablo. Another chance meeting with a rainbow. I was in the right place at the right time. Difficult to capture rainbows.

#7215 Arroyo Del Cerro. My friend John Ginnochio owns this valley and raises his cattle here. This property is adjacent to Mt Diablo State Park.

#7242 Castle Rock. A new perspective of Castle Rock.

#7249 Mt Diablo from China Wall.

#7259 Rainbow over Diablo.

#7269 Twin Peaks of Diablo. This image is made from one of my favorite spots in Round Valley Regional Park.

#7274 Bitterroot.  These grow at the very top of the mountain.

#7275 Delvils Elbow and Fog. Taken from Devils Pulpit looking down on the fog.

#7283 China Buckeye. The buckeyes near China Wall are particularly nice this year.

#7282 China Buckeyes.

#7281 China Buckeye.

#7276 China Buckeye.

#7284 Buckeyes at China Wall. This image was made the last week in May. Its been a very good Buckeye flower year.

#7286 Twin Peaks from Hawkey View. This is my favorite view from Curry Canyon Ranch.

#7290 Buckeye Ridge. Created at the end of May.

#7292 Pine Ridge.

#7294 Blackhawk Ridge.

#7295 Sycamore Canyon. This image was made along the Curry Canyon Road.

#7301 North Peak. This image was made from Curry Canyon Ranch.

#7297 Sycamore Canyon.

#7298 Curry Canyon Road.

#7299 Curry Canyon Road.