Stephen Joseph Photographic Gallery

Paper Prints

My paper prints are printed on a heavy weight 100% all cotton paper. They have a beautiful look to them because

the pigment image becomes part of the paper surface. I've been a printmaker most of my life and these are some of the best looking prints I have ever made. The only issue is paper prints need to be framed with glass or plexi so some of the surface quality is lost behind the glass. They still look great and framed paper prints will always be a good look. Paper prints can be mailed in a tube and you can take the print to your favorite framer. My framer can also do a nice job. Email me if you are interested in using my framer and I can give you an estimate. Framed prints need to be picked up at the gallery in Alamo or my studio in Pleasant Hill. If you are having the print framed yourself, it can be mailed safely to you in a tube.





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