Natures Beloved Son

John Muir botanical Project

These are images from the John Muir Botanical Project. Many of these are in the book "Natures Beloved Son" as seen on my book page. These prints were made from actual plants that John Muir collected. I have restored them back to the way they would have looked to Muir, well over a hundred years ago, and then made artistic images using various artifacts of Muir.  We recreated the landscape that John Muir walked across in the 1800's through the plants that he collected along the way. These make really spectacular prints up to large sizes and look great as a series of images hanging together on a wall. The image above was the wallet that Muir's mother brought with the family when they left Scotland. The seeds were in the wallet. The text was written by Bonnie Gisel and explores Muir's life through the botanicals that he collected throughout his walks. It was thrilling for me to actually hold the plants that Muir had picked and preserved. I spent months in the basement of the Muir House in Martinez Ca. photographing these plants. Ronnie Gisel also discovered many Muir plants around the country in different herbariums.. The book is really beautiful and worth tracking down on the used book market. 

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Examples of some of the prints from the project.