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Prints come in different sizes as well as different ratios, that is height to width. The size can be changed while the ratio cannot be changed. When ordering a print the first step is to measure the wall that the artwork will hang on. Then decide on the width

of the print that will fit in the space. I make two types of prints; canvas, paper.. Canvas is the most popular right now for the larger sizes. Canvas needs to be stretched over stretcher bars just like a painting. The cost of stretching is much less than the cost of framing in the larger sizes. The nice thing about hanging a stretched canvas print is the lack of reflections. There is no glass used so you are looking directly at the surface of the print. This is one reason the canvas prints are often very intense in color and resolution. The larger ones have a picture window quality and fit nicely into most decors from homes to offices. On the info page for each print, My framer does a great job stretching canvas prints and is very well priced because of the volume. I pass this savings along to my clients. Custom sizes can be ordered for any print. Email me at sjjoseph@comcast.net the size you are interested in and I will email you an estimate. Prints can be made to any size up to the maximum size for that image. The maximum size is determined  by the resolution, which is different for all images. There is really no difference between canvas and paper prints as far as color saturation and resolution. The big difference is in no reflections and less costs in framing for the canvas prints and they do fit in with practically any environment. The canvas is wrapped around the stretcher bars with the image continuing onto the sides of the bars called a Gallery Wrap.  The stretcher bars are 1.5 inches deep so the image, when wrapped around the sides,  looks good when viewed from any angle. Framed prints also look great but most people choose to frame smaller images and not the larger ones.  For more details about the prints check below.

Many of the images on this website and in any of my books are available for sale. There are some size limitations depending on the image.  Because I offer such a variety of sizes and printing materials and all prints are custom made, my pricing depends on several factors. That is why I have chosen to quote prices for ever order. Look through my site or books and send me an email with your ideas. Let me know the titles and approximate size. I'll let you know the exact size available for the image with printing options and prices. I also use an excellent framer that really knows how to stretch canvas prints.

Even though this is a digtal printing system, I still make every print one at a time and they are all unique.   I am available for site consultation for my business clients.  Art consultants should check out my Interior Designer Page.  Any questions just email me.


Print Information

Paper Print Information


My paper prints are printed on a heavy weight 100% all cotton paper. They have a beautiful look to them because the pigment image becomes part of the paper surface. I've been a printmaker most of my life and these are some of the best looking prints I have ever made. The only issue is paper prints need to be framed with glass or plexi so some of the surface quality is lost behind the glass. They still look great and framed paper prints will always be a good look. Paper prints can be mailed in a tube and you can take the print to your favorite framer. My framer can also do a nice job. Email me if you are interested in using my framer and I can give you an estimate. Framed prints need to be picked up at the gallery in Alamo or my studio in Pleasant Hill. If you are having the print framed yourself, it can be mailed safely to you in a tube. Email me for specific print information at sjjoseph@comcast.net


Archival Canvas Prints


Canvas prints can be made any size up to about 14 feet long and sometimes longer. They are wrapped around stretcher bars with the image showing on all sides, called a gallery wrap, so the hanging stretched canvas looks good from all angles. The longevity of the pigment canvas print is the same as the paper print. These are beautiful looking prints. Stretched canvas prints need to be picked up at the gallery in Alamo or my studio in Pleasant Hill.  If you are taking care of  framing the canvas print can be mailed to you in a tube. Email me for specific print information at sjjoseph@comcast.net